Wealth Transfer Planning



By Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon

Wealth transfer planning describes the various methods in which assets can pass at death. The methods include the Last Will & Testament, Beneficiary Designations, Jointly Held Property and Revocable Living Trusts.

The Last Will & Testament uses the Probate Court to transfer wealth at death. Clients often seek alternative methods of wealth transfer due to concerns over privacy issues, probate court and costs associated with probate court. Wills will generally govern the transfer of most assets with the exception of joint tenancy property and assets with beneficiary designations.

Beneficiary Designations uses form contracts to transfer wealth. There are certain assets that pass automatically at death by virtue of beneficiary designations. Generally, assets such as retirement accounts, insurance policies and annuities pass automatically at death as a result of those designations. Because of the immediate transfer of assets, beneficiary designations are often undesirable and lack flexibility if you want to leave assets to a minor child with certain provisions or your beneficiary simply lacks the ability to manage his/her finances.

Jointly Held Property or Property with Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship enables property to pass to the surviving joint tenant. However, when only one tenant remains, the asset will be subject to probate at the surviving tenant’s death.

A Revocable Living Trust provides a comprehensive alternative to the Last Will & Testament, Beneficiary Designations and Jointly Held Property. A Revocable Living Trust can transfer all types of assets to the respective beneficiaries without probate court or the risk of losing assets to the beneficiary’s creditors. This Trust can also protection long after the initial trust-maker has died.

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