Who will take the reins when you leave? One of your greatest legacies is a well-thought-out plan that helps put in place the leadership that your company needs to continue for years to come.


business succession planningWhen you own a family business, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  •     What happens to my business if I become incapacitated or when I die?
  •     Who will manage my business if I become incapacitated or when I die?
  •     How will the ownership of my business be transferred if I become incapacitated or when I die?
  •     What method of transfer will allow for lower taxes when transferring my business to family members or employees?
  •     Will my business continue to exist or will it be liquidated if something happens to me?
  •     What are my retirement goals, and what level of assets will my retirement require?
  •     What is my business worth today?

Developing and implementing a business succession plan is a crucial business decision and one that should not be taken lightly.  The primary tools for business succession planning are buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements, consultation contracts, and living trusts. These are just a few points and do not include all the services surrounding business succession planning.

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