Medicaid Planning


Many families believe that you need to spend all of your assets or give them away before becoming eligible for Medicaid benefits. Nothing could be further from the truth! Planning for medicaid allows you to protect and preserve your assets and still qualify for Medicaid benefits.

The high costs of long-term healthcare and how it will affect your estate, is a major concern for elderly clients.  Planning ahead for these costs is wise.  Medicaid is a cost-effective way to pay for long-term healthcare.  Medicaid planning allows your to structure your assets in a manner that is permissible and in accordance with State and Medicaid rules.

Medicaid planning could require a Miller Trust.  A Miller Trust is an estate planning tool that is often used when a person applying for Medicaid has income that exceeds the Medicaid income cap.  Call S. Dixon Law Offices, LLC today to establish a Miller Trust for your loved one.

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