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Divorce in Georgia 

S. Dixon Law Offices often represents people who have significant assets they need to protect, such as established, professionals, entertainers, athletes and so forth. At S. Dixon Law Offices we handle high-conflict divorces, including those involving adultery, domestic violence and contested child custody. A divorce in Georgia requires a knowledgeable experienced Lawyer such as Stephanie D. Dixon. As a former Georgia State Law Professor, Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon has many years of experience in the Atlanta area.  When you hire S. Dixon Law Offices, you can count on, strong advocacy, fair fees, and personalized attention at all times. 


Typically women have different goals during a divorce than men do. Many women that are represented by S. Dixon Law Offices are worried about protecting their children’s future and the security of their loved ones. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon has the know-how when it comes to legal guidance when it comes to Child Custody, & Child Support.

Often men who are going through a divorce feel that they are at a disadvantage or will be judged unfairly by the courts, because of their gender. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon has experience when it comes to helping men get fair treatment and proper legal advice. Divorce is difficult you need a good lawyer to represent you and fight for what is fair. 



An annulment is typically sought by those who wish to end their marriage in a way other than divorce. This is rare, but Georgia law allows marriage to be annulled in some circumstances.


Private investigators may be used to do research on your spouse’s activity, specifically if adultery is suspected. We can work with private investigators to help you with your case. We will discuss all options as it relates to your case once you hire us to represent you.  Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon offers competitive pricing for Divorce Law in Georgia. 


When you file for Divorce in  Georgia, the courts will issue an automatic domestic standing order. This standing order will apply to you and your spouse for as long as your divorce case is pending.

If you are considering a Divorce and are ready to act, or have to respond to your spouse’s Attorney, our Law Firms have the knowledge and resources to assist in answering all of your divorce related questions and concerns. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon is committed to getting you the Results you and your Family deserve.


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