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Modification of Child Support

In an action to modify child support (either to increase or decrease), there must be a substantial change in the financial status or income of either the mother or father since the date of the original child support order.

Myths regarding the modification of child support:

  1. Child support may be modified to a lower amount if a verbal agreement is made between the parties.  Child support cannot be modified by a verbal agreement between the parties.  Unless the Court modifies the original order on child support, the party ordered to pay child support must pay the amount specified in the order.  If he or she does not pay the amount ordered, the other party may  seek remedy under the original order to enforce payment.
  2. My minor child has been living with me for a year now so it was okay for me to stop paying child support without an order from the Court.  You should not stop paying child support until your child support obligation is terminated pursuant to an order of the Court.

Modification of Child Custody

The “best interests of the minor child” is the standard used in Georgia to determine custody.  In order to modify child custody, the party that petitions the court must be able to show that there has been a change in circumstances that would warrant a modification.

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