Domestic Violence is still a shameful subject and not talked about enough.We can help protect you and your loved ones. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon  understands the legal aspects of Domestic Violence and guides families through this process.

Temporary Protective Orders (TPO)

A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) protects victims of family violence.  The order prohibits the abuser from contacting the victim in person, by phone, email, mail or through a third-party.  If the abuser poses a threat to your children, the TPO will include protection for your children.

According to Georgia (O.C.G.A. § 19-13-1), family violence is defined as the occurrence of certain crimes between past or present spouses, persons who are parents of the same child, parents and children, stepparents and stepchildren, foster parents and foster children, and other persons living or formerly living in the same household.  These crimes include battery, simple battery, simple assault, assault, stalking, criminal damage to property, unlawful restraint, and criminal trespass.

Pursuant to Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 19-13-4), a protective order may:

  • Direct the respondent to refrain from family violence acts;
  • Grant to a party possession of the residence or household of the parties and exclude the other party from the residence or household;
  • Require a party to provide suitable alternate housing for a spouse, former spouse, or parent and the parties’ child or children;
  • Award temporary custody of minor children and establish temporary visitation rights;
  • Order the eviction of a party from the residence or household and order assistance to the victim in returning to it, or order assistance in retrieving personal property of the victim if the respondent’s eviction has not been ordered;
  • Order either party to make payments for the support of a minor child as required by law;
  • Order either party to make payments for the support of a spouse as required by law;
  • Provide for possession of personal property of the parties;
  • Order the respondent to refrain from harassing or interfering with the victim;
  • Award costs and attorney’s fees to either party; and
  • Order the respondent to receive appropriate psychiatric or psychological services as a further measure to prevent the recurrence of family violence.

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