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Adoption Law

Adopting a child is a beautiful and rewarding decision.  However, it can also be a complex legal process that should be conducted with the assistance of an experienced attorney.  There are various types of adoptions. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon can help you with your Adoption Law concerns, advise you of your legal rights and explain different options for adoption.  Please see the different options for adoption below:

Public and Private Agency Adoption

Adoption Law in Georgia: Public agency adoptions in Georgia involve a state agency and children who are in state custody. The applicable state agencies are Georgia Department of Human Resources, Department of Family and Children Services or similar state agencies in other states. Private agency adoptions are adoptions through a licensed child-placing agency.

Relative Adoption

Adoption Law in Georgia: A Relative Adoption requires that the petitioner is related by blood or marriage to the child as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, great-aunt, great-uncle or sibling.  Even though related by blood or marriage, other relatives such as great-grandparents or cousins are not considered relatives for the purposes of a relative adoption.

Stepparent Adoption

Adoption Law in Georgia: A stepparent adoption is an adoption where the spouse of the custodial parent wants to adopt the minor child of his or her spouse.

Independent (Non-Stepparent, Non-Relative) Adoption or Private Adoption

Adoption Law in Georgia: An Independent Adoption or private adoption occurs when a child is placed with a third party who is neither a stepparent nor a relative of the child without going through the Department of Human Resources or a licensed child-placing agency.

Domestication of a Foreign Adoption Decree

Adoption Law in Georgia: Foreign decrees of adoption are conducted in accordance with the laws of the child’s country of origin.   However, many parents choose to domesticate the adoption when they return to the United States.  Domestication of a foreign adoption decree will allow the child to obtain a Georgia adoption decree and birth certificate.

Adult Adoption

Adoption Law in Georgia: In an Adult Adoption, the natural parents of an adult child do not have to consent to the adult child’s adoption.  The adult child must provide written consent for the adoption.

Embryo Adoption

Adoption Law in Georgia: What is an embryo adoption?  An embryo or human embryo means an individual fertilized ovum of the human species from the single-cell stage to eight-week development.  According to Georgia law, a legal embryo custodian may relinquish all rights and responsibilities for an embryo to a recipient intended parent prior to embryo transfer.  A written contract shall be entered into between each legal embryo custodian and each recipient intended parent prior to embryo transfer of rights to an embryo and to any child that may result from the embryo transfer.     Prior to the birth of a child or following the birth of a child, a recipient intended parent may petition the superior court for an expedited order of adoption or parentage.

Adoption Law in Georgia

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